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Does PlayStation Plus Carry Over From PS4 to PS5?

Do you need a new PlayStation Plus subscription if you’re upgrading?

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There can be a lot to think about when upgrading from your PS4 to a PS5. But thankfully, many things can easily be transferred from your old console to your new one without much fuss, including your PS Plus account.

If you’ve been worrying about getting a new PS Plus account for your PS5 or losing any of your old games, you don’t need to. Transferring your account from one console to the other is quick and easy, and you don’t have to worry about losing a thing.

Will My PS Plus Carry Over to My PS5?

The short answer is yes. PlayStation Plus is a subscription that is tethered to your account. So wherever your account goes, your PS Plus subscription will follow. This includes any games you’ve downloaded, trophies you’ve earned, and friends you have made on your PS Plus account.

If you are already a PlayStation Plus subscriber on your PS4, you will be on your PS5 as well. The only reason you would have to create a new PS Plus account on your new system is if you never had one to begin with.

How Do I Carry My PS Plus Over to My PS5?

You have to do very little to transfer your PS Plus from your PS4 to your PS5. Since it is tied to your account, PS Plus will be available on your new system as soon as you sign in to it. As long as you use the same account your PS Plus subscription is connected to, of course.

But PS Plus has a rotating library of games, including monthly offers. Some games that you may have downloaded from PS Plus in the past might not be available on PS Plus anymore. So what does moving to a new system mean for those games?

Thankfully, you can also transfer any of your old games from your PS4 to your PS5 by doing a data transfer. To do this, just head to your Settings on your new PS5, go to SystemSystem Software, and select Data Transfer. From there, you can individually choose anything you want to move from your old console onto your new one.

Being able to move all your games, data, and subscriptions from your old console to your new one so quickly is yet another reason why you should finally buy a PS5.

Don’t Let PS Plus Stop You From Upgrading to the PS5

If concerns about losing any games or information from your PS Plus account have prevented you from upgrading, you can feel free to let those worries go. All your valuable PS Plus information is stored on your account, not the console itself, and it isn’t going anywhere.

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