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‘AEW: Fight Forever’ Achievements Revealed As Xbox Preloads Go Live

Is release just around the corner?

'AEW Fight Forever' Achievements Revealed As Xbox Preloads Go Live

It looks like the long-awaited release of AEW: Fight Forever is now just a few weeks (hopefully not months!) away, as the full list of Xbox achievements has now been revealed, and Xbox preloads have also gone live.

As revealed by Twitter user Jbarnacles, the full list of AEW: Fight Forever Xbox achievements were listed on the Xbox Store earlier today, but they appear to have been removed since then. Here’s a look:

In addition, Xbox fans have found that they can begin preloading AEW: Fight Forever via the Xbox app on Android and iOS, with the file size coming in at around 17.29GB (presumably on Xbox Series X).

Finally, Insider Gaming has reported that we could be looking at a late June release date for AEW: Fight Forever on Xbox and other platforms, although the outlet hasn’t been able to “confirm” this just yet. Let’s hope it’s true!

You’ll find that full list of AEW: Fight Forever achievements below courtesy of True Achievements:

First WinDefeat a COM opponent for the first time in Exhibition15
Off the Guardrail!Using the Guardrail Dive Offense skill, land 3 dives from the guardrails in a match15
Nice Catch!Using the Anti-Air Defense skill, catch a dive attack15
Smooth FootworkUsing the Kip-Up skill, recover from the ground 5 times in a match15
Finisher ThiefUsing the Gimmick Infringement skill, win a match using the opponent’s finisher15
DANGER: Contents Under Pressure!Attack an opponent using a barbed wire bat in a Lights Out Match in Exhibition15
KABOOM!Trigger 3 rope explosions on an opponent during an Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match in Exhibition15
Belt CollectorHold a title match in Exhibition and win a belt from a COM champion15
Full Course BeatdownWin a Singles Match after hitting the opponent with a signature and finisher15
Who Needs Hands?Using the Sloth Style skill, win a match by pinfall with hands in pocket15
Dexterous DervishUsing the Desperation Impulse skill, win a match with a roll-through move15
Adept FlyerUsing the Springboard Offense skill, land 5 springboard attacks in a match15
Fearless RocketUsing the Tope Offense skill, land 2 tope suicida attacks in a match15
Rope WizardUsing the Rebound Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match15
Corner WizardUsing the Corner Recoil Attack skill, land 2 recoil attacks in a match15
All Shall Cower Before MeDefeat a COM opponent by submission in Exhibition15
Watch Your Footing!Push over a ladder an opponent is on to knock that opponent down in a Ladder Match15
Equal Opportunity PlayerPlay through a match with at least 50 AEW Wrestlers15
E-ShopperMake a purchase using AEW Cash15
On The Road to EliteComplete Road to Elite15
Welcome to the Elite!Earn the AEW World Championship while playing Road to Elite15
Shirt CollectorEarn all t-shirts that can be earned in Road to Elite15
Food CriticSelect Dining 16 times in a single play-through in Road to Elite15
Casual GamerWin a minigame within Road to Elite15
Professional GamerPlay through 5 different minigames15
Making Their Debut…Create a Custom Wrestler and complete a Singles Match using them15
Arena ArchitectCreate a Custom Arena and complete a match using it15
Promising New TeamCreate a Custom Team that includes a Custom Wrestler, and complete a Tag Match using it15
4-Way DominatorWin a 4-Way Match with all COM opponents on Hard difficulty or higher in Exhibition40
Ring CleanerPut 10 wrestlers over the top rope in a Casino Battle Royale Match against all COM opponents40
Beat the BestDefeat a COM opponent on ELITE difficulty in a Singles Match in Exhibition40
The King of HartsComplete 100 total Singles matches in Exhibition40
No Feat Too LargeComplete at least 30 challenges40
Train to the MaxPerform 30 or more successful Intense Trainings during a single play-through of Road to Elite40
Livin’ the Wrestler’s LifeComplete Road to Elite 10 times85
Hall-of-FamerEarn a career grade of A+ in Road to Elite85
Triple CrownHold 3 titles simultaneously in Road to Elite85
Secret AchievementContinue playing to unlock this achievement85

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