Dead Island 2: How to Defeat Screamers

As if the normal infected taking over Los Angeles was not enough, Dead Island 2 ups the ante by introducing Apex zombies, nightmare creatures that are not afraid of tipping the balance in favor of the undead. Slayers hoping to get anything done in the game will have to contend with these threats sooner or later, and it can be a tough fight.

Even with the best melee and ranged weapons, not knowing an enemy well enough is always a recipe for trouble, and that is not good enough for Hell-A. This guide will bestow upon Slayers the necessary information needed on how to defeat Screamers in Dead Island 2 as progress through the game is made.

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What are Screamers in Dead Island 2

What are Screamers in Dead Island 2

Screamers are one of the Apex zombies that are easily the most dangerous threats in the game, alongside others like the Crusher and Butcher. However, a key point to note about this particular foe is that by itself, it is not exactly tough. What is most concerning is its ability to literally scream and keep Slayers at bay while calling in other zombies to do its dirty work. It is this skill that makes the Screamer so annoying and why it should always be targeted first.

How to Defeat Screamers in Dead Island 2

For starters, getting the drop on a Screamer is always recommended, as it allows for a good amount of damage before it can do its thing. When it prepares for a scream, the telltale signs of sound reverberations are quite clear. At this stage, there are two options.

  • Get some distance to avoid being forced backward, and get ready to deal with more zombies that are now in a frenzy. Fury mode will definitely help, and using block can make it easy to walk through its sonic scream.
  • Interrupt the attack with either a thrown melee weapon or any other projectile attack. Curveballs, Dash Strikes, and Drop Kicks work too.

The latter option is always recommended, and to take down the Screamer effectively, use its weakness to Blunt damage to hurt it. Any other attacks from this creature can be blocked, so get close, avoid its attacks, and make it pay for using its voice a little too much.

As usual, take advantage of modded weapons to increase the damage done to the Apex zombie, and in the case of any variants, switch out accordingly so that the Screamer is not immune to elemental damage like caustic or shock.

Dead Island 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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