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Deals: All 80+ Backwards Compatible Games In This Week’s Xbox Sales (July 25-31)

Ultimate Game Sale & Deals With Gold discounts!

Xbox Deals with Gold is now live for the week commencing July 25th, which means we have another set of discounts now available on the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S titles.

As usual, we also have a selection of backwards compatible games on offer, and as the ongoing Ultimate Game Sale is set to expire this week as well, we thought we’d round up all of the backwards compatible classics currently discounted on Xbox – across both the big summer sale and the usual Deals with Gold.

The following “Ultimate Game Sale” backwards compatible offers are expected to expire around Sunday, July 30th. The Deals with Gold offers in the table below will expire next Monday, July 31st.

A World Of KeflingsUltimate Game Sale75%
Age Of BootyUltimate Game Sale80%
Alan WakeUltimate Game Sale67%
Alan Wake’s American NightmareUltimate Game Sale67%
Alien Hominid HDUltimate Game Sale67%
Asura’s WrathUltimate Game Sale80%
BattleBlock TheaterUltimate Game Sale67%
BC – Rearmed 2Ultimate Game Sale80%
Blue DragonUltimate Game Sale67%
Brutal LegendUltimate Game Sale75%
Call Of Duty 2Ultimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty 3Ultimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty 4: Modern WarfareUltimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty: Black OpsUltimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2Ultimate Game Sale70%
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Ultimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Ultimate Game Sale50%
Call Of Duty: World At WarUltimate Game Sale50%
Capcom Arcade CabinetUltimate Game Sale80%
Castlevania: Harmony Of DespairUltimate Game Sale67%
Castlevania: Lords Of ShadowUltimate Game Sale67%
Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate HDUltimate Game Sale75%
ContraUltimate Game Sale50%
Costume QuestUltimate Game Sale75%
Darwinia+Ultimate Game Sale75%
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of TwoUltimate Game Sale75%
DuckTales: RemasteredUltimate Game Sale75%
Duke Nukem ForeverDeals with Gold80%
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of MystaraUltimate Game Sale80%
Fable AnniversaryUltimate Game Sale75%
Fable 2Ultimate Game Sale50%
Fable 3Ultimate Game Sale50%
Flock!Ultimate Game Sale80%
Fuzion FrenzyUltimate Game Sale67%
Hard Corps: UprisingUltimate Game Sale67%
I Am AliveDeals with Gold70%
Injustice: Gods Among UsUltimate Game Sale75%
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetUltimate Game Sale75%
Jade EmpireUltimate Game Sale67%
JoustUltimate Game Sale67%
Joyride TurboUltimate Game Sale75%
LEGO BatmanUltimate Game Sale75%
LEGO Indiana JonesUltimate Game Sale75%
LEGO Indiana Jones 2Ultimate Game Sale75%
LEGO Star Wars 2Ultimate Game Sale67%
LEGO Star Wars 3Ultimate Game Sale75%
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaUltimate Game Sale75%
Lost OdysseyUltimate Game Sale67%
Lost PlanetUltimate Game Sale80%
Lost Planet 2Ultimate Game Sale80%
Lost Planet 3Ultimate Game Sale80%
Mass EffectUltimate Game Sale75%
Mega Man 9Ultimate Game Sale80%
Mega Man 10Ultimate Game Sale80%
Midway Arcade OriginsUltimate Game Sale75%
Portal: Still AliveUltimate Game Sale67%
PsychonautsUltimate Game Sale75%
Puzzle Fighter HDUltimate Game Sale80%
RAGEUltimate Game Sale60%
Rayman OriginsDeals with Gold67%
Resident Evil Code: Veronica XUltimate Game Sale80%
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon CityUltimate Game Sale80%
ScreamrideUltimate Game Sale75%
Split/SecondUltimate Game Sale75%
StackingUltimate Game Sale75%
Star Wars BattlefrontUltimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars Battlefront 2Ultimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyUltimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars KOTORUltimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars KOTOR 2Ultimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars Republic CommandoUltimate Game Sale50%
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedUltimate Game Sale75%
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2Ultimate Game Sale75%
Street Fighter IVUltimate Game Sale80%
Super Meat BoyUltimate Game Sale67%
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade EditionUltimate Game Sale80%
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedDeals with Gold85%
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Hangar 6 R&DDeals with Gold80%
The DarknessDeals with Gold80%
The Darkness IIDeals with Gold80%
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of KingsUltimate Game Sale80%
Toy Story 3Ultimate Game Sale50%
XCOM: Enemy WithinDeals with Gold80%
Zone Of The Enders HDUltimate Game Sale67%

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