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Ghostwire: Tokyo Hits Major Player Milestone Following Xbox Game Pass Launch

LOTS of players “have taken a thrilling tour of Tokyo”

Ghostwire: Tokyo Hits Major Player Milestone Following Xbox Game Pass Launch

After a yearlong wait for the game’s PS5 exclusivity period to end, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks brought Ghostwire: Tokyo to Xbox Game Pass last month, and the teams have already hit a major new milestone in the time since.

Within a month of the game’s Xbox launch, Tango’s spooky adventure has seen four million players wander its eerie Tokyo streets. That includes users across all platforms – Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

The team’s Xbox launch also coincided with a free content update for all players, which may have enticed some players to try out the game on existing platforms. The ‘Spider’s Thread’ DLC delivered “a new rogue-lite mode to the game on top of other additions to the base campaign, including new enemies, new skills, new areas to explore, new side missions, extended story cinematics, Photo Mode enhancements and more”.

Of course, this very same developer launched Hi-Fi RUSH earlier this year as well, which hit its own player milestone not long back!

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