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How to Use the Broadcast Feature to Stream Your PS5 to Twitch

No capture card? No desktop computer? No problem! Stream straight from your PS5 with its broadcast feature.

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It has never been easier to create a professional and interesting Twitch stream, even if you don’t have the latest PC setup. All you need is a PS5 and a Twitch account to launch your game-streaming career.

So if you have hidden gaming prowess to share with the world, or even if you just want to create an online community to hang out with while tending to your crops on your virtual farm, this is how you can broadcast straight to Twitch from your PlayStation 5.

The first step to streaming to Twitch from your PS5 is, of course, to create a Twitch account. You can sign up on your PC or mobile if you don’t have one already.

Once your Twitch account is activated, you need to connect it to your PS5 so your console knows what account it will stream to. If you haven’t downloaded the Twitch app onto your console yet, do so now. You can find the Twitch app in the PlayStation Store on your console by searching for it in the Media section and pressing Install.

After installing the Twitch app on your PS5, check if HDCP is activated; otherwise, it won’t open. HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and its purpose is to protect any copyrighted content you might stream from your console. You can find this setting in the HDMI settings of your console or follow the shortcut your system will give you when you try to open the app.

Once the Twitch app is installed on your system and your HDCP setting is activated, open it up and press Sign In.

You will be brought to a page that informs you of all the ins and outs of linking your accounts. If you agree to the terms, press Link Account.

You’ll then see a QR code and an eight-character verification code to confirm your identity. Scan the code on your mobile device to bring you straight to the necessary page on Twitch, or follow the link in the paragraph above the QR code. Once there, input the verification without any spaces to link your accounts.

How to Use the Broadcast Feature to Stream to Twitch From Your PS5

Now that your PS5 and Twitch accounts are linked, you can stream to Twitch from your PS5 anytime. To do so, head to your game of choice and press the Create button on your DualSense controller. If you’re wondering what the Create button is, it is the small button on the top left of the touchpad in the center of the controller.

Once you’ve brought up the Create button menu, scroll to the Broadcast button. It looks like a small broadcasting tower with three lines above it. Select the Broadcast feature, then select Twitch. You will see a big button that says Go Live, and it’s as easy as that. Remember to type your stream title before going live! You can enter it just below the Go Live button.

Selecting a fun and exciting stream title can be difficult, but it is definitely worth your while and will help you greatly to draw in potential viewers. You can also visit the Twitch website and create other incentives like channel points to make your stream more interactive. These tips can help you draw in and retain viewers.

Once you have chosen and typed in your eye-catching stream title, simply click Go Live to start streaming to Twitch. As soon as you begin broadcasting, your PS5 will prevent any notifications that aren’t stream related from popping up on your screen and distracting you from your broadcast. This can be changed later if you would like to customize this setting.

To pause or stop streaming, press the Create button again and select the Broadcast feature. You can then choose to either Pause or Stop your broadcast.

One thing to note while streaming to Twitch from your PS5 is that you cannot see your stream chat from your PS5 display. You must have your mobile device or computer beside you to monitor the events happening in chat during your stream.

Streaming to Twitch Is Easier Than Ever on the PS5

If you want to stream on Twitch but don’t have a PC set up, don’t let that stop you. Streaming straight from your PS5 is quick, easy, and effective. You can even connect a webcam to your PS5, so your viewers don’t miss out on seeing your face while you’re streaming.

Streaming to potentially hundreds or thousands of people can be intimidating. But hopefully, this guide has removed some of the logistical stress of streaming to Twitch from your PS5, so you can focus on your stream and have fun.

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