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Poll: Are You Still Excited For Redfall To Hit Xbox Game Pass Next Week?

So far this week, things have been eerily quiet on the Redfall front, at least directly from Xbox or Bethesda. Sure, we’ve seen a new dynamic background hit Xbox Series consoles, but the game still isn’t ready to preload yet, and we’ve seen no signs of a launch trailer or anything of the sort – at least at the time of writing.

We have been treated to a chunk of fresh new gameplay though, courtesy of IGN, and that’s got us quite excited for Redfall’s Xbox Game Pass launch next week. We always appreciate seeing proper uncut footage, and Redfall looks like it’s going to provide lots of variety across its solo and co-op modes.

This new gameplay has reminded us that despite the negativity surrounding the lack of a launch day 60FPS mode, we’re still really looking forward to playing a brand-new Arkane game next week! This is a studio that rarely misses, and although Redfall looks like a bit of a different type of game for the team, it still oozes Arkane energy.

From its vampiric theme and spooky small-town setting to its arsenal of weaponry and character abilities, Redfall still feels very much like an Arkane title. We’re getting co-op here as an option, but as long as solo play holds up, we’ll be suitably satisfied with Redfall.

It’s been quite tough in recent weeks to gauge how fans are feeling about Redfall, so we want to check in with you guys to see how excited you all are. Are you fine folks still hyped for it? Will you be jumping in on day one?

Vote in the poll down below and be sure to let us know what you’re most excited about experiencing!

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