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Roundup: Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Ravenlok On Xbox Game Pass

Ravenlok is looking like an intriguing Xbox Game Pass launch for the month of May, and ahead of its full release tomorrow, some early critic impressions have hit the web.

So, here’s what folks think about this Xbox Game Pass fantasy adventure in the run up to launch:

GameGrin (7.5/10)

“Ravenlok is a short and gorgeous title, and if you go in knowing it’ll be easy and simple, I don’t see why anyone should have a problem with it. Despite the lack of in-depth story, the characters were absolutely adorable and the quests fun enough: I truly enjoyed my time with this charming new title.”

XboxEra (6.8/10)

“In Ravenlok’s well-paced narrative and gameplay structure, I’m sad to say that I didn’t find the game to be very compelling. For every fun puzzle there was another quest or dull combat sequence that I button mashed out of with ease. Still, I could appreciate the expectations the game places on the player to simply figure things out on their own and having a straightforward, no-nonsense plot. A lost art in gaming (and arguably other mediums) today.”

Press Start (6.5/10)

“Through its picturesque presentation, Ravenlok definitely captures the reverie and spirit we’d expect from a coming-of-age fantasy. Sadly, the game’s one-note combat doesn’t offer a challenge worthy of its world, while the cliched story devalues its charming cast of misfit critters.”

Checkpoint Gaming (6/10)

“Ravenlok is not a bad game, but judged on its gameplay, it feels somewhat insubstantial. Those going into the game looking for an engaging and challenging action experience will likely be turned off by its simple and toothless combat and overreliance on fetch quests. That said, for younger gamers or those seeking a more straightforward adventure through a surreal world filled with memorable and strange characters, it’s a decent time, and is worth checking out on those merits.”

PC Gamer (51/100)

“It pains me to be as harsh on Ravenlok as I have, as clearly this is a game made with passion and clear artistic intent. But across its 5-6 hour runtime, I never shook the sense that this is an environment art showcase (and a beautiful, polished one at that) with the bare minimum of gameplay layered on top. It’s kid-friendly, both in tone and difficulty, but pales in comparison to other games aimed at the younger crowd. Like the very finest porcelain tea sets, it’s best left on the shelf to be admired, rather than brought out to entertain at the party.”

Eurogamer (No Score)

“Ravenlok never sits in the moment, never bothers to ask if there’s any meaning to the madness, never twists language in the ‘curiouser and curiouser’ kind of way. Ultimately, my enduring memory of the game is a hazy collection of visual snapshots, and that was admittedly enough to hook me through an 8-hour playthrough. It’s endlessly alluring to look at and think about, although scratch beneath the surface and you won’t find much else to grab onto.”

Ravenlok certainly isn’t blowing folks away so far, but it sounds like an interesting, chilled out adventure that could be worth a look on Xbox Game Pass anyway. At the time of writing, the title is sitting at a 63 score on Open Critic ahead of its May 4th launch on Xbox.

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