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Striking Action RPG ‘Ravenlok’ Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (May 4)

Striking Action RPG 'Ravenlok' Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (May 4)

Welcome to your latest Game Pass PSA! Today, we have colourful action RPG Ravenlok hitting the library following Redfall‘s arrival earlier this week on May 2nd.

Early reviews for Ravenlok hit the web last night, which we covered in our latest roundup. Check that out down below if you’d like an idea of what to expect from Ravenlok on Xbox Game Pass.

Ravenlok (Console, PC, Cloud)

“Ravenlok’s life takes a turn for the unexpected when she stumbles through a magical mirror into a troubled kingdom. Explore fantastical realms, meet mad characters and defeat dark monsters to end the Caterpillar Queen’s reign of terror. Your destiny awaits in an action-packed, coming of age adventure.”

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  1. I am so hapy to be back playing witһ yоu guys again! I’ve been missing уߋur thrilling and enjoyable games!
    I seе thɑt yоu guys have maⅾe some ցreat ϲhanges!
    Thе winnings seеm tо сome mⲟre freqient and you havе аdded morе features tһat add to tһe player’ѕ winning ability!

    Тhanks to thhe producers!

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