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Telltale Reveals Xbox Release Times For Episode 1 Of ‘The Expanse’

Here’s exactly when you can play

Telltale’s episodic The Expanse series begins this week, and ahead of things kicking off on Thursday (July 27th) the development team has revealed the exact time you can go hands on with Episode One.

In short, The Expanse Episode 1 will be ready to play at midnight local time in all regions, so if you pre-order the game in the meantime you’ll be good to go at midnight this Thursday. The team has also laid out all of the launch dates for the series’ follow-up episodes.

Strangely, the team has announced that PlayStation and PC pre-orders will get access to the game a full day early, so Episode 1 will be live in just a few short hours on those platforms. We’re not sure why that bonus doesn’t apply to Xbox pre-orders – Telltale hasn’t mentioned the platform in the above post.

If you’re waiting patiently for that Xbox launch anyway, you can now read through our early impressions of The Expanse. We’ve just played through Episode 1 on PC, which you can read all about down below.

We’re definitely digging what we’ve played so far!

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