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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Performance Modes Revealed Ahead Of Xbox Game Pass Launch

Two different setups on Xbox Series X and S

At the moment, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s upcoming video game adaptation is one of the biggest Xbox Game Pass launches for next month, so naturally, we’re keen to find out as much info as possible ahead of release. And thanks to MP1ST, we now know a bit more about how the game will perform on Xbox Series X and S.

In an interview with the outlet, Gun Interactive has revealed the performance mode options for Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Xbox Series X|S. Here’s how the two consoles will stack up:

  • Xbox Series X: Quality Mode (30FPS & Higher Resolution) / Performance Mode (60FPS & Reduced Resolution)
  • Xbox Series S: Quality Mode (30FPS)

For now, we don’t have any specific resolution figures, but we’d expect Xbox Series X’s quality mode to be pushing towards 4K, with its performance mode and the Series S quality mode likely sticking closer to 1080p.

The team is clearly skipping a 60FPS option for Xbox Series S though, at least at launch, which is a bit of a bummer. Hopefully we see another mode arrive post-launch that gives Series S users a higher frame rate option!

Are you disappointed in the lack of a 60FPS mode for Series S? Leave your thoughts on these options down below.

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