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These 10+ Games Are Coming To Xbox Next Week (April 17-21)

Become the ultimate Zombie Slayer

Welcome to your new Xbox games roundup for April 17th to April 21st! We’ve got a couple of major releases on the way next week in the form of Dead Island 2 and Minecraft Legends – the latter launching with Xbox Game Pass. Plus, there’s other exciting stuff on the way including Disney Speedstorm and The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story – and both Homestead Arcana and Coffee Talk Episode 2 are day one on Game Pass!

Here’s what’s coming to Xbox next week:

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New Xbox Releases (April 17-21)

  • Ayre and the Crystal Comet (April 17): “The open skies await as you take on the role of a wandering dragon rider in search of a lost civilization.”
  • Disney Speedstorm – Founder’s Pack (April 18): “Disney Speedstorm is the ultimate hero-based combat racing game, set on high-speed circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds.”
  • God Of Rock (April 18): “Blending rhythm-based gameplay with fighting game mechanics in tense 1v1 matches, choose from a dozen unique fighters, each with their own design, mechanics, and harmonic attacks.”
  • Minecraft Legends (April 18): “Explore lush biomes to make alliances with new friends and familiar mobs, then face the piglins in epic battles. But be warned – they always fight back.”
  • Puzzle Quest 3 (April 18): “Master strategic match-3 combat in Puzzle Quest 3, the all-new installment to the globally renowned puzzle-RPG franchise.”
  • The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story (April 18): “Liberate your homeland from tyranny, one Mageseeker at a time, in this action RPG that takes place in the League of Legends universe.”
  • Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage (April 19): “As a top-secret agent, you’ll embark on thrilling mini missions to stop an evil mastermind’s plan for global domination!”
  • Cavity Busters (April 20): “Cavity Busters is a roguelite toothpunk bullet hell where you use your one and only tooth to chomp the cavity infested enemies.”
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2 (April 20): “You are a barista, and your customers aren’t always humans, listen to their stories and influence their hearts with a warm cup of coffee or two.”
  • Stray Blade (April 20): “Unveil the history of the forgotten valley and master the powers of the three Acrean Metals to restore balance to this war-torn land.”
  • Tin Hearts (April 20): “Guide a troop of mischievous tin soldiers through a magical toy-filled world using a variety of whimsical and inventive contraptions to bounce, shoot and glide them to their goal.”
  • Dead Island 2 (April 21): “The much-loved zombie saga is back with a unique formula of horror, dark humor, and over the top zombie-slaying, spanning an epic pulp adventure.”
  • Homestead Arcana (April 21): “Become an all-powerful witch and wield nature’s magic to heal the world. Tap into the strength of nature to craft spells and ready yourself for the mysterious challenges ahead…”
  • Mr Brocco And Co. (April 21): “Mr. Brocco & Co is a classic 2D platform game set in a fantasy world where junk food is trying to take over!”

Xbox Game Pass Titles

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