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Xbox Game Pass: All Games Coming Soon In May 2023

Looking for a complete list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2023? It can be pretty difficult to keep track of all the comings and goings in the world of Xbox Game Pass every week, so we’ve put together this handy guide to provide an overview of what’s coming to Xbox Game Pass in May, as well as the games that are leaving!

Here’s a full list of all new games coming soon on Xbox Game Pass in May 2023 (so far):

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  1. Xbox Game Pass May 2023 Games: Coming Soon

Xbox Game Pass May 2023 Games: Coming Soon

Here’s the latest list of Xbox Game Pass announcements for May 2023. We’re expecting Microsoft to continue announcing more titles throughout the month.

May 2RedfallSeries X, Series S, PC, Cloud
May 4RavenlokConsole, PC, Cloud
May 8Weird West Definitive EditionSeries X, Series S
May 9Shadowrun TrilogyPC
May 11Fuga: Melodies Of Steel 2Console, PC, Cloud
May 23Amnesia: The BunkerConsole, TBD
May 23Planet of LanaConsole, PC
May 25Cassette BeastsConsole
May 25Railway Empire 2Console, PC
May 30Farworld PioneersConsole, PC

In addition, we’ll be losing two batches of games from Xbox Game Pass in May 2023. The first of these has already been revealed, with five titles set to leave Xbox Game Pass on May 15th:

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