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Xbox Game Pass In 2023: The Full List Of Everything Announced So Far

Xbox Game Pass In 2023: The Full List Of Everything Announced So Far

Xbox Game Pass is already filling up for 2023, and if you’re looking for a list of everything coming to Game Pass in 2023, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we’ve picked out the complete list of games announced for Xbox Game Pass in 2023 so far, and we’ll keep updating this as more are announced throughout the year.

If you’re looking specifically for news on all the games coming soon and leaving soon in April 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, we’ve provided a separate guide elsewhere on Pure Xbox:

January 3Stranded DeepConsole, PC, Cloud
January 5Mortal Shell: Enhanced EditionConsole, PC, Cloud
January 19Persona 3 PortableConsole, PC, Cloud
January 19Persona 4 GoldenConsole, PC, Cloud
January 20Monster Hunter RiseConsole, PC, Cloud
January 25Hi-Fi RUSHSeries X, Series S, PC, Cloud
January 27GoldenEye 007Console, Cloud
January 30RoboQuest (Game Preview)Console
January 31Age Of Empires 2: Definitive EditionConsole, Cloud
January 31JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle RConsole, PC, Cloud
January 31InkulinatiConsole, PC, Cloud
February 2Darkest DungeonConsole, PC, Cloud
February 2GRID LegendsCloud
February 7Hot Wheels Unleashed – GOTY EditionConsole, PC, Cloud
February 9Madden NFL 23 (EA Play)Console, PC
February 9SD Gundam Battle AllianceConsole, PC, Cloud
February 14Mount & Blade II: BannerlordConsole, PC, Cloud
February 15Cities: Skylines RemasteredSeries X, Series S, PC
February 16Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive EditionConsole, PC, Cloud
February 21Atomic HeartConsole, PC, Cloud
February 28Merge & BladeConsole, PC, Cloud
February 28Soul Hackers 2Console, PC, Cloud
March 2F1 22 (EA Play)Console, PC
March 3Wo Long Fallen DynastyConsole, PC, Cloud
March 7Guilty Gear StriveConsole, PC, Cloud
March 9Dead Space 2Cloud
March 9Dead Space 3Cloud
March 14ValheimConsole, PC, Cloud
March 21Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomConsole, PC
March 28MLB The Show 23Console, Cloud
March 30Infinite GuitarsConsole, PC, Cloud
April 4Goat SimulatorConsole, PC, Cloud
April 4Loop HeroConsole, PC
April 6Everspace 2 – Full ReleasePC
April 6Iron BrigadeConsole, Cloud
April 12Ghostwire: TokyoSeries X, Series S, PC, Cloud
April 13NHL 23 (EA Play)Console
April 18Minecraft LegendsConsole, PC, Cloud
April 20Coffee Talk Episode 2Console, PC, Cloud
April 20Medieval DynastyXbox One
April 21Homestead ArcanaSeries X, Series S, PC, Cloud
April 26Cassette BeastsPC
April 26Quantum BreakConsole, PC
April 27BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special EditionConsole, PC, Cloud
April 27The Last Case of Benedict FoxConsole, PC
May 2RedfallSeries X, Series S, PC, Cloud
May 4RavenlokConsole, PC, Cloud
May 8Weird West: Definitive EditionSeries X, Series S
May 9Shadowrun TrilogyPC
May 11Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2Console, PC, Cloud
May 23Amnesia: The BunkerConsole, TBD
May 23Planet of LanaConsole, PC
May 25Cassette BeastsConsole
May 25Railway Empire 2Console, PC
May 30Farworld PioneersConsole, PC
July 6Sword and Fairy 7Console, PC, TBD
July 14ExoprimalConsole, TBD
August 18The Texas Chain Saw MassacreConsole, PC, TBD
August TBDLies of PConsole, TBD
September 6StarfieldConsole, PC, Cloud
October TBDPlateUp!Console, TBD
Spring TBDFlintlock: The Siege of DawnConsole, PC, TBD
Summer TBDEverspace 2Xbox Series X|S
TBDLarge Batch Of Activision Games (?)Console, TBD
TBDAge Of Empires 4Console, Cloud
TBDAge of Mythology: RetoldPC
TBDAra: History UntoldPC
TBDArk 2Console, TBD
TBDBounty StarConsole, TBD
TBDBushidenConsole, TBD
TBDCities: Skylines 2Xbox Series X|S, TBD
TBDCocoonConsole, TBD
TBDDungeons 4Console, PC, TBD
TBDEiyuden Chronicle: Hundred HeroesConsole, PC, TBD
TBDEreban: Shadow LegacyConsole, PC, TBD
TBDFlockConsole, TBD
TBDForza MotorsportConsole, PC, Cloud
TBDFrog Detective: The Entire MysteryConsole
TBDHollow Knight: SilksongConsole, PC, TBD
TBDLightyear FrontierConsole, PC, TBD
TBDMad StreetsTBD
TBDMagical DelicacyConsole, PC, TBD
TBDMaquetteConsole, TBD
TBDParty AnimalsConsole, TBD
TBDPigeon SimulatorConsole, TBD
TBDRavenlokConsole, PC, TBD
TBDReplacedConsole, PC, TBD
TBDRoutineConsole, TBD
TBDShe Dreams ElsewhereConsole, TBD
TBDSolar AshConsole, TBD
TBDSpiritteaConsole, PC, Cloud
TBDStalker 2Console, PC, Cloud
TBDThe Big ConConsole, TBD
TBDThe Lamplighters LeagueConsole, TBD
TBDThirsty SuitorsConsole, TBD
TBDTurnip Boy Robs A BankConsole, TBD
TBDVenbaConsole, PC, TBD
TBDWarhammer 40k: DarktideConsole
TBDWay To The WoodsConsole, TBD

What are you most looking forward to on Xbox Game Pass in 2023? Let us know down in the comments below.

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