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Xbox Reveals ‘Sunkissed Vibes’ Official Controller To Launch This Month

Xbox Reveals 'Sunkissed Vibes' Official Controller To Launch This Month

Xbox has unveiled its second collaboration with nail polish brand OPI, although this time it’s geared more towards gamers luckily for us. While last year’s Spring Collection collab brought ‘gaming inspired’ nail colour options for OPI fans, this year’s effort has spawned a brand new themed Xbox controller.

The ‘Sunkissed Vibes’ official Xbox controller is now up for pre-order, inspired by the colour palettes employed by OPI for its own nail range. According to the US product page, the Xbox pad launches on May 9th, for $70.

While we always welcome more Xbox controller colour options, this one doesn’t feel all that special to be honest. The invent of Xbox Design Lab has made the more ‘plain’ special editions feel a bit antiquated, but still, the more the merrier we suppose!

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Speaking of more extravagant controllers, Xbox has just unveiled a bunch of Redfall-themed Design Lab options, and we reckon these are some of the best looking custom Xbox controllers in a while. Which of these would you consider?

Do you like the look of this Xbox controller? Let us know what you think of it down below.

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